Wyoming Elk Hunting

Wyoming elk hunting is some of the best in the US. Our region of Wyoming has a large number of resident elk, with high country meadows for summer range. This area also has natural winter range, and is near winter feed grounds. This means that finding elk to hunt is not dependent on their migration patterns. Within our western Wyoming elk hunting range there are old clear cuts, old burns with new growth and plenty of dark timber. The resident herd has a high bull to cow ratio, and offers good elk hunting all season.

The archery elk hunting season opens September 1st and runs through September 25th . We hunt on horseback every day so we are able to get away from the foot hunters and get first crack at thebugling bulls in the high country.  For me, nothing is more exciting than elk hunting by getting in bow range of a fired up bull. This is a physically demanding hunt. We use horses as much as possible, but it is in the hunter's best interest to do some physical conditioning prior to the hunt.  The first week is a great opportunity to take a big bull elk, before they are cowed up and have more eyes around them to pick you off.  The elk have not yet been hunted and are unpressured.  On the flip side we can experience some hot weather during the early hunts and this can make the bulls clam up and become more difficult to hunt.  Some snow and cold weather are good for elk hunting unless the snow is deep with exceptional cold which makes getting around more difficult, dangerous and painful to endure.  Lacking a crystal ball, I cannot say one week is better than another, but I can say the best time to go elk hunting is whenever you can go. 

Rifle elk hunting season opens September 26th and runs through October 31st, which means we hunt a good portion of the elk rut. Hunting the rut, in combination with large numbers of elk, offers our hunters the opportunity to see several bulls during a hunt
These 2 bulls where photographed on a trail ride trip mid June 2013. 

In some parts of the Yellowstone region of Northwest Wyoming trophy bull elk are getting more scarce due to predation from the wolf.  Our elk hunting area is south of the Gros Ventre.   The wolves in this area (the Daniel Pack) have been culled from time to time due to the predation on cattle and sheep and wolves have not been present in sufficient numbers to suppress elk recruitment.  We are situated in the midst of three Wyoming elk feedgrounds.  This draws elk here from other areas and keeps our resident population of elk here all year long.  We still have bull elk to hunt.  The typical good bull in our area of Wyoming will be 300-320 class with a few seen that go to 350-360. 








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